Friday, June 12, 2009

Ready to Go Backpacking (or am I?)

Usually, on camping weekends, we leave on Friday. This time, since it's the first attempt at backpacking and not car camping, we are leaving on Saturday morning. Less food to back, we won't have to worry about hiking in the dark, stuff like that.

So we've just gotten the backpacks loaded into the car. I'm still trying to figure out if I've over-packed (probably) or forgotten something really important.

Our packs are heavy, but they are well balanced so they don't feel so bad. Frankie was laughing at us because he found a backpacker on the internet who said that his entire pack for an entire week was 27 lbs, and his three day pack weighs 18. Nick's pack is weighing in at 29 lbs, which is perfectly 1/5th of his weight, which is what is recommended; and he keeps offering to carry more stuff, because he feels very he-man about the whole thing. He's already added a small table and a tarp and a tent for another person and some fire-starter wood to his pack. (I have a feeling he might be missing something important, but I don't know what...)

Stevie's pack weighed in at 35 lbs. and I can't figure out why it's heavier than Nick's, because although he does have different types of gear it doesn't seem like it should weigh more. He has a little stool to sit on, which is nice and light, and a very light sleeping bag where Nick only has a fleece blanket, and a self-inflating pad where Nick has a closed cell foam pad. He may have more food. If Nick didn't pack himself enough food I'm gonna be very cranky with him -- I bought plenty for him to choose from. Stevie's pack at 35 lbs is a higher percentage of his weight than is recommended, because he's lighter than Nick.

My pack weighs in at 34 lbs, and I'm not gonna tell you what percentage of my body weight that is, but I'm not worried. If Stevie can handle it, I can. This is what I've got (as far as I can recall) -- I wonder if it's the right stuff???

Pack - tent - sleeping pad - fleece blanket - small pad to sit on - sterno camp stove and two sternos - big pot for lots of hot water - smaller cookset/mess kit - small fire grate - hot glove for cooking - ladle - spoon and fork - pocket knife - matches - lint/firestarters - flashlights (OK, I admit it, I always carry a few flashlights because SOMEONE always forgets one, but they're really little) - bug spray - jacket - sweat pants - underarmour shirt - t-shirt - long sleeve silk blouse (Yeah, really; it's nice and light and warm)- extra socks and underwear - rope - plastic garbage bags - toiletries

and food: I can't remember EXACTLY what, but I've got light, not squishable, stuff packed in simple containers...peanut butter - crackers - poptarts - noodles with dehydrated veggies in garlic sauce - sundried tomatoes - instant mashed potatoes - spam - m&ms and TEA :)

I'm gonna try to bring the camera, too, but I'm not sure it will make the final cut when I get out of the car and actually put on the pack for the walk... hopefully I'll have some photos to post when we get out!


Netizen101 said...

Roughing it out eh, Sue. Have Fun! Lots of it!

Beth said...

Where are you getting the water????
From stream or you have to boil it first before drinking....see this is why roughing it for me is staying at a Holiday Inn versus the Hilton....good luck, have a great safe.

Sue said...

We got water from a pump that was supposed to be drinkable... but it was a really dark yellow color. We boiled it anyway, which added ashes to the whole ugly color thing. Not appetizing at all...

Sue said...

We did have fun, though!