Friday, June 05, 2009

Momma picture

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I really like this picture of the two of us!
Another thing I really appreciate is the conversations that Frankie and I have had surrounding this weekend. It seems that my kid has really let some of my philosophy sink in, and he seems to agree with me. Some things didn't go perfectly smoothly in spite of all his planning for the perfect prom and perfect prom weekend; but he took it all in stride and even said to me -- like I've always said to him -- "Things probably all happen for a reason." Yes, the kid looked great; especially if you think about how he looked about two years ago! But I'm mostly proud of him because of his attitude. We were talking again about his "extreme" luck, and rather than complaining "why me," the kid is always willing to say "it could have been worse" or "things happen for a reason" and move on with his life. That's what makes me proudest of all!

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Laurie said...

You have taught him well! He is an extraordnary kid ..i just love him and NIcy too!!