Monday, June 15, 2009

Off we go... with a lot of gear


You can see the size of the packs we had.

I was really wrong about what I needed. So much of the stuff that I brought to make myself comfortable turned out to be unused, although it would certainly have made me happy to use it, for one reason or another it wasn't something I could dig out of my pack when I wanted it, it was easier not to have it. Like food. I had a few things to cook that were simple meals to cook, one pot, two cups of water, and relatively delicious. BUT. I really didn't feel like cooking ANYTHING. It was all I could do to toast a piece of spam on a stick over the fire. That was dinner. I was way happier eating the pretzels and peanut butter. I found that even though I've never liked granola bars, the Kashi pumpkin spice ones are pretty tasty and pretty filling, and that's all I was looking for.

Looking back, the most important piece of gear I brought (Well, Nick carried it) was the extra tarp that I almost didn't bother packing. We hung it between the trees with a tarp Michelle brought, and had just enough room for all of us to sit out of the rain. Michelle decided we should put the campfire under the tarp with us -- which would never have occurred to me, I would have though we'd burn the tarp. But it was a great idea, and it worked perfectly. So the kids were able to stay out of the rain and still be near the fire.
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