Tuesday, September 22, 2009


At first, Autumn hesitates
reluctant to wake you up
from the dreams of summer.
But there is no help for it,
with too much exuberance
sweeping in with joy and life
vibrating with color and cool
and all of a sudden you notice
that it's really Autumn already.
Crackling and humming
Autumn shimmers through the trees,
enjoyable now
but leading inevitably to
the bleak dark loneliness of winter.
But today it's Autumn, so
let's just enjoy the party.


laurie said...

Great poem sue kemper!

Sue said...

Thanks Laurie!

Punam said...

That is a really great look (of your blog) :-)
Goes with the season. I think your poem conveys a very vital message.. to enjoy the moment even when you know what is in store for you. Liked it a lot. ~Punam

Sue said...

Punam -- Thank you! I haven't seen you in a while, how is everything?

Judy said...

Sue, did you write that poem? It is great, I'll have to copy it for my scrapbook/photo album.

Sue said...

Hi mom
Yup, I wrote that one, I'm in a very poesy frame of mind lately.
Love ya