Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Summer Beach Movie

I made this movie for Thor. It's a movie mainly about his boat.
When I started it, I was going to put only boat stuff in it, but then it was too short for the song that I picked out. So I needed to add a lot of the extra summer photos in it. I think it came out pretty well. I hope that everyone in the movie doesn't mind...
I started to post it on facebook, but then I thought, would I want to be in someone's movie on facebook in my bathing suit?
And the answer was, "well, if I looked like HER I would..." but I took it down from there anyway.
I get way less traffic to the blog, and it's much more anonymous.
So let me know if you like it or not! Comment me! :D

Way back in the '80's, when music videos came out, I was excited. It seemed like music videos are the perfect form of expression. You can have the complete artistic experience. First, the music -- it's the most emotive form of expression, in my opinion, with words and melody and harmony and rhythm. And secondly, the pictures -- the way the video plays along with the music to tell the story visually.

At the time, I had no idea how to create a movie. (Even though I took movie making classes in college, and TV courses too.) The equipment was completely out of reach. But now, there are a million ways to create something. Gotta love digital photography and the internet!!!

The next problem I have, now, is creating the music itself. I have been relying on other people to create the music, because I'm not a musician. I'm not sure if it's right to rely on famous music to create these videos. But, one step at a time. For now, I'm having fun creating the part I can. I'm ready for my next project!

I'm also looking forward to posting a project that someone else is creating. I'll tell ya more about that later.


Anonymous said...

I like it... I like it alot!

Sue said...

Thanks, I like it too! I just wish I'd finished it before Thor's Birthday, because it would have been his present.

Anonymous said...

Great job Sue! It really came out well! I miss summer already!! :(

Sue said...

Thanks Marisa! I miss summer toooooo.... even if I still work, it's still better than "back to school" time!

Beth said...

Finally got time to was great!!!!.

laurie said...

Awesome Sue!!! You did a great job and looks like everyone had such a fun summer! I miss it went by way too fast. Not liking the cold weather already : (!!