Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Not a boat video.

I made a video. Actually, I made two videos. I made a boat video. But it's a little short; some pieces are missing.

But I also had 613 pictures for a campfire video. Well, actually, it's a slide show. But... That's at LEAST 400 more pictures than I usually put in a slide show. And I took them so it looked like a video; I was experimenting with stop action photography.

So I ended up making this fire video instead of a boat video. Hopefully Thor will take some photos this weekend if he goes on the boat; and then we will have enough photos to finish the boat video the way I really want it.

So here it is.

The fire one, not the boat one.


Beth said...

Great the music with it..fits perfect.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. Especially the music. Who is it? MOM

Sue said...

Hi All...
The music is Nickel Creek... I love them! :D