Thursday, September 03, 2009


 Happy Birthday to you, dear Cupcake! Another year, another dollar... no, that's not it.

Today is the day that my darling husband celebrates his birthday. I would tell you how old he is, but I don't remember. He's officially one year older than I am for the next few months. He'll have to remind me how old that actually is, when I see him later.

Thor is a wonderful husband and father. We've been together for a lot of years now -- something like 28? I think -- and I still think he's the best guy ever. He drives me a little crazy sometimes, but I know that we're even, because I drive him a little crazy too. We are very opposite in a lot of things, but they say opposites attract, so I guess it works out ok. After all these years together, I guess we've gotten used to each other. Or we've agreed to disagree. Or maybe he's just gotten better at giving in, which is more appropriate.

Thor likes things neat. He isn't the kind of husband who leaves his wet towel laying on the bed. (That would be me.) He straightens things up after himself, and after me, and after the kids... Which is a wonderful thing. He is a really smart guy, and enjoys reading, up until the book puts him to sleep; he is interested in weird science things like string theory, and nature shows, and cooking shows; and he loves music, any kind, and he's even willing to tolerate the kind that I like. He is also the life of any party, drinks heartily, laughs the whole time, and then cleans up before he goes to sleep. I love that about him -- I should have a birthday party in his honor! But I'm not going to, we still haven't recuperated from the last party in the house.

I'm not getting him much in the way of a present, either, this year. Happy Birthday, honey, I'm not charging ANYTHING on the Am Ex card. And, you can keep your (free) boat.

So, Happy Birthday Cupcake... Many many more...I Love you!
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Beth said...

Yes...happy birthday Thor...from Liz...
oh by the way...I know how old both of you are and I'm not talking as I am older...
love to you both

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Thor!

Jayne said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your hubby, Sue! I bet your husband's a perfectionist...VIRGO, right? We have the same signs.

Anyway, hope you had lots of fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah... I am anonymous... LOL!!! Did you like how I sang on the phone??? LOL. Will sang too, but really quietly!

Seraphine said...

awww... thats sweet.
happy birthday cupcake thor!
the neatness probably comes from being a virgo.

Sue said...

Thor is TOTALLY Virgo.

He had a nice birthday, I think. We bought him a Gorton's Fisherman yellow slicker outfit for the boat, for $9 at Harbor Freight, and he loved it.