Wednesday, September 23, 2009


My head is swimming with poetry, but it isn't my own...
Two new albums
(Two GREAT new albums!)
Pearl Jam's Backspacer, and Avett Brothers I and Love and You...

all these songs that are new and playing in my house, and my car, and my head, and I am full of their lyrics and melodies and emotions, and it makes me want to write but I want to write what they've already written, because it's perfect...

The Avett Brothers

stop your parent's car
I just saw a shooting star
we can wish upon it
we won't share the wish we make
but I can't keep no secrets
I wish that you would always stay

last night I dreamt the whole night long
woke with a head full of songs
I spent the whole day
I wrote 'em down but it's a shame
tonight i'll burn the lyrics
'cause every chorus was your name

Break this tired old routine....
... I am a breathing time machine....

and Pearl Jam

....Feel the air up above, a pool of blue sky,
fill the air up with love, black with starlight,

Feel the sky blanket you, with gems and rhinestones,
see the path cut by the moon, for you to walk on
for you to walk on....

My head can't compete with that. So I'm going to go listen to some music now.

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