Friday, September 25, 2009

Nick's Hockey Game report

I was soooo sleepy. I was hoping that I wouldn't fall asleep on the bench.
As usual, we arrived first. Well, maybe second this time. But way early. We DON'T want to be late.

And I sat alone on the bleachers, watching the kids begin to gather on the court (it's not a rink, because they aren't skating.) But before you know it, the universe sent me a friend to talk to. Yolanda, a grandmother from the other team, walked right up to me and started talking. She's 85, and she lives in a neighboring town. Her son brought her to watch her grandson play - he's on the team we played against. She seemed a bit lost, as though she has a bit of problem with her memory, not sure how many grandchildren she has, grasping for some of the words she intends to say. But we had a nice conversation. It made me realize that even though I tend to float through the game myself, I don't really have to follow completely -- I can pay as much attention as I can, it's fine. And I guess that woke me up enough to pay attention to the game, and I actually enjoyed watching it.

The game opened with the opposing team scoring the first goal... but it was the only goal they got, and the final score was 4 - 1, in Nick's favor. Nick's coach praised him often, and at the end of the game, during the coach's wrap up meeting, he said he was mad at Nick for waiting this long to join the team. Nick was thrilled.

Next week's games are Monday at 7:30 and Thursday at 8:30...


Anonymous said...

Glad he is enjoying hockey! When is the season over? Let me know when his games are, I'm sure the boys would love to see him play!

Sue said...

Hey Marisa! Nick would love to show off his hockey skills (street, mind you, no ice) any time you and the boys want to come. Games are Mondays and Thursdays, in Port Reading. If you think you might come, give me a call and I'll give you directions... Games are usually 7:30 or 8:30. The season lasts until the end of October, which will probably be here before you know it!