Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nick's Hockey Game is on for tonight

and I am really tired, but I'm gonna go watch it.

Someone should come to the game and talk to me so I don't fall asleep.

Good luck with that. I'll probably fall asleep talking to you. Depending on who you are, I guess. Don't take it personal. I'm sleepy. But you aren't going to show up, anyway, are you? I know, you are tired too, and everyone is busy. I understand.

Maybe I'll bring tea. But if I do that, I won't sleep tonight. And then I'll have the same problem tomorrow. Maybe decaf tea? I hate decaf tea. But sometimes it's better than nothing.

I hate regular business hours. I miss summer hours. I hate humidity. I wish at least it would rain, if it was going to be this crappy out anyway.

No, I'm really not in a bad mood. I'm reasonably happy. I'm completely aware. I'm copacetic. I'm just being squished by the weight of the sky. It has an effect on my energy, and leaves me droopy.

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Judy said...

You didn't remind us about Nicky's game! We do want to come to see him play! When is the next game? Is it every Thurs. night?