Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I'm truly happy that I have the house to myself tonight... I was really looking forward to it... but then, I got home, and realized I'm missing it...

Tonight's the 2nd Philly show. Frank, Nick, and my nephew Steve drove down to college, picked Frankie up, and are heading over to Philly to see the show. I could have gone. But how would I have made it to work in the morning?

I will get to a show... one... just not tonight.
And I was very happy to be home with the house to myself until I started surfing all over Youtube, watching the videos from last night...

On the positive side, this will be Stevie's first concert (I think) -- definitely his first Pearl Jam concert. And it's gonna be a nice male-bonding thing for the family. I didn't need to be there.

So I'm still watching Youtube.

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