Monday, October 05, 2009

Tea Bag Tag Wisdom

I have a lot to write about, re. the weekend trip we just took. In fact, I'm backed up-- I've got a lottttt to say and haven't started saying any of it yet.... and right now it's break time and I only have a few minutes left.

So I'm starting on Thursday, and I'll work forward from there.

On Thursday, I had a nice cup of an expensive brand of tea. This tea is expensive because it is very tasty AND because it gives you words of wisdom on the tea bag tag. Wisdom does not come cheap.

My tea bag tag said, "To those who feel, life is a tragedy. To those who think, life is a comedy."

And I really liked that, and it seems very wise and very true.

Personally, I am glad I am the type who likes to think rather than the type who likes to feel, because I would rather laugh than cry.

OK, I'll write more later today... See ya then....


Niall young said...

Laughter is THE best medicine...unless you're diabetic, then insulin is the best medicine!..

By the way..did you know that sometimes we are like tea bags? water brings out the best in us!....( I think this an old 'Hebrew' saying!haha!)

Sue said...


jozien said...

oh, now i know :D Still it doesn't FEEL quite right to me, I promise i'll THINK about it.