Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursdays are rough.

I'm sitting here at the computer and it's 6:26 AM, and I'm WAY toooo tired from a late night last night, which I can't seem to prevent because I've got too much to do, to make it to bed on time...
And I'm eating a strawberry pop tart, which is the "Breakfast of Champions" -- but which I'm really disgusted by -- but I eat it anyway, because I can just sit down and shove it in my mouth...

It's getting colder out and the nights are getting longer, and the mornings are getting later, although the weather has been rather pretty. But it makes me want to stay in bed longer.

My best hope for tonight? LOTS OF RAIN. Because then Hockey will be cancelled.

Nick's doing great in Hockey. And it's actually been a lot of fun to watch. But tonight, I'll be sittin' there by myself again because Thor has to work on a big project.

Although I don't actually mind sitting there by myself.

But it does mean that I HAVE to go, because Thor won't be able to take Nick.

And what I REALLY want to do is go to sleep.

Anyway, here's a picture of Nick at Hockey, sometime previously...

And now? I've gotta go get dressed, because I'm gonna be late, because I'm tired and I don't wanna move.

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Seraphine said...

i guess you have the choice to not buy strawberry poptarts.
life seems so busy sometimes, even doing important things.
i hope you have a wonderful sleep-- after you get home, and are safely in bed. hugs.

Sue said...

Sera - When I buy the pop tarts, I always think I'm only buying them for the kid - but I end up eating them way more often than I need too!

But TGIF today! :D