Friday, October 02, 2009

Happy 19th Birthday!

My oldest is 19 years old today. Time sure does fly by, doesn't it?

Nineteen years probably seems pretty long ago to him, but I still remember the whole birth/c-section thing way more clearly than I would like! :)
Nineteen years probably seems pretty adult to him, but... yeah, I don't think so. He's still a kid.
Frankie is a wonderful kid, but still a kid.

Happy Birthday honey!!!
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Anonymous said...

OMG he's 19, Now I feel old, geez. lol. Happy Bday Frankie


Beth said...

Happy Birthday Frankie!!!!
Belated birthday card in the mail....well maybe on Monday..sorry its comin' late.

Anonymous said...

haha Thanks Paul!

Nice picture MOMMY, couldnt u have gotten one with my mouth closed?! :P
I am not a kid, Im 19 which is an adult. haha


Anonymous said...

Thanks Beth! Its doesnt matter that its late :)
I didnt see your comment til after my mom approved it lol

Sue said...

I used this picture of you because it is a very typical picture of you. It is not unflattering. You are cute even with your mouth open. And 25 or something years ago, when I turned 19, 19 was an adult. NOW, 19 is a child. No doubt.