Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another thing we still have in common


It was kind of funny, the two of us would drop everything and start shooting photos like crazy. Her camera kick's my camera's butt. She's got some great shots and some really interesting photography projects that she's done. I'm thinking about stealing one of her ideas... but that doesn't seem very artistic of me, does it? She's photographed a lot of trees that form individual letters. It's a great challenge, but I've gotta put my own spin on it, I think.
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Beth said...

don't think of it as stealing her idea...think of it as her inspiring you.

jozien said...

Hi Sue, wonderful to have such a good friend! I love to see her photos. Or do steal her ideas, it sounds neat.

Sue said...

Beth and Jozien - she spelled out a friend's last name, it looked very subtle but you could see it, very nice!