Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Beginning

Beginning at the beginning. When I was little, I was in Girl Scouts and I loved it. I wanted my boys to be scouts, too. I was lucky enough to make friends with another mom who had her son in Boy Scouts, and I joined up with them. I started out as a leader, I couldn't wait. And I'm still enjoying it, all these years later. It's been about ten years now.

The thing I always say about Scouts vs. Sports, is that with sports, your kids learn team work and fair play and good values, but only in one area... whatever sport they are in. And what if they are a bit klutzy, not the greatest player? They end up feeling bad about themselves. Scouts, on the other hand, also teaches team work and fair play and good values, plus independence and first aid and citizenship and service and leadership. And if they are uncoordinated or whatever, they are still able to make a great contribution and feel good about themselves.

Here they are when they started out... aren't they cute?

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Laurie said...

This one is the best! I miss those days! Great job Frankie!!! and Sue
: )

Beth said...

Awwwww, they are so adorable...still are....
You're looking cute too.