Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The dip in the energy curve

When Thor was younger and he was studying electronics, we learned about waves... sine waves, I think it was? And how there are peaks and valleys and peaks and valleys, cycling like gentle hills, which I see as being true in every aspect of my life.

Yesterday I certainly rolled into a valley of sleepiness and no energy, after last week's high energy busy week. I could barely keep my eyes open and I do believe I kept drifting off to sleep even when I was talking.

I'm hoping that today will be back on the up slope of energy again!

There's nothing much to write about because I am so low in energy, nothing is exciting. But everything is good, and I hope it's all good with you too.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, there is no steady state. The ups and downs is what gives us perspective. Everything comes in cycles and there is no getting around that...

Its all about amplitude and frequency. Amplitude is how high is high and how low is low & frequency is the rate that the ups and downs occur.

If your sacrificing some energy for one or two days this week for a whole week of energy last week...you're ahead of the game.

The positive amplitude above the zero line was greater and a longer frequency than the negative amplitide below the zero line at a shorter frequency.

Keep it above zero, higher and longer and the glass is always AT LEAST half full.