Sunday, May 31, 2009

This morning we walked around looking at the City.

One of the best things about Philadelphia is all of the public art. Everywhere you look, there is something to see. There are many friendly people as well. It's known as the "City of Brotherly Love."

On the other hand, I also noticed that there seemed to be way LESS people than NYC, and a larger portion of homeless people were noticeable -- which lends to a slightly scarier feeling. I'm never very happy with any interaction with the homeless, it is very uncomfortable. If I give them money, I feel that I'm enabling the problems that lead them to homelessness in the first place, and I could clean my bank accounts out and still not solve the problem. If I give money to this one, there is another person on the next corner or on the next bench who also needs money. On the other hand, when I don't give them any money -- which, honestly, is usually the case -- I worry about passing them by, wonder if I'm being uncharitable, wonder if I could have made a difference by actually bringing them with me to McDonalds and buying them an egg mcmuffin and a coffee.

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Well, we looked at the art, in any case. I love public art projects.

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