Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pins All Around


The parents pin the Eagle Medal on the new Eagle Scout, and then the Eagle Scout gives a pin to his Mom and his Dad. The one kid didn't really have a "Dad" to give the pin to, so we got him two "mentor" pins, and he gave one to his uncle.

The mentor pins were given out during each Eagle's speech. Frankie gave his Mentor pin to Scoutmaster Joe. Casey gave his to me! It is quite an honor, and I was way more nervous getting up to be pinned as mentor than as mom. The Mom pin is more important to me, because I'll only ever have one of those. (Nick is SO not interested.) I have received Mentor pins from two other boys, who I helped in the earlier days. I am very proud of those pins -- although I have no idea when to wear them!
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