Sunday, May 03, 2009

What will I post today?

The big event is over, and I'm in between. I want to post something today, but I don't know what to say yet. Everything is very happy and very quiet here. Everyone is sleeping except me. I'm going to make my cup of tea and then sit down and try to get through some of the paperwork I've been neglecting this week. I love this time to myself, I wish they would stay asleep late!

Well, that's it for now I guess. Enjoy the peace of a Sunday morning, and I'll try to think of something more interesting later.


Seraphine said...

that's what i like about sunday mornings. i hate to make plans.
i like to have at least one day to be "organic" and just experience the day as it unfolds.
coffee. breakfast in bed with a newspaper. perfect.

Rayne said...

It's a wonderful post. Peace and serenity is a good thing to read about.

Sandi said...

Hey Sue... I posted!!! OMG!!