Tuesday, May 12, 2009

See? I missed a day!

I knew I wouldn't actually do a post every single day! Of course, maybe if I'd registered on NaBloPoMo I would have posted, even though I had nothing to say.


Beth said...

I have never seen someone so grateful for tea in my entire life.

Sue said...

I really am THAT GRATEFUL.

Rayne said...

Don't worry about missing a day or two or three.
Blogging, writing, creating is supposed to come from the heat, not a schedule. Unless you are trying to make a living from it.
Then you have to sort of combine the two.
Not easy.
I am fairly certain that by the end of next month I will have created enough excuses to fill an encyclopedia. With some cute, snappy, illustrations I could possibly have something to publish... Which gives me another excuse...Yes, life is good.