Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The last pictures of Chadwick Island, I swear.

I couldn't post these pictures before, because even though I took them, I took them on someone else's camera. I had to wait until I got the memory card to download to my computer. And of course, they are my favorite photos of any of the ones I took.

So here is an amazing sunset, just as an actual black swan swims by.

I used to listen to really loud music and still hear later. Now, I listen to my ipod and can't hear as well as I used to. I also used to be able to look at the sunset without dots swimming before my eyes. Now, I can't even read for long before my eyes hurt and everything gets really fuzzy.

So I went to Sears and got my eyes checked, and sure enough, I'm getting old eyes. I need reading glasses. I didn't order bifocals, because I'll probably wear them over my contacs. But I ended up with new glasses AND reading glasses AND contac lenses.

The reason I mention this is because the swan pictures, which are below, remind me of getting my eyes checked. I purposely blurred one, because I liked the effect. It doesn't look as cool here on the blog because it's too small. But I liked it on my own screen.

It's beautiful out, and fall is beginning to begin.
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Netizen101 said...

This is lovely picture of a beautiful sunset!!

Seraphine said...

sunset, fall and "old eyes." i can tell what kind of mood *you're* in. lol.
the sunset pic is beautiful!

Sue said...

Sera -- I didn't really notice it as clearly until you said it, but you got it right, I guess!
Lucky fall is such a beautiful season.