Sunday, August 31, 2008

Spontaneous Concert Attendance

Michelle (Booth's mom) called me yesterday and said she wanted to go to a concert, to see Kid Rock, and wondered -- did I want to go too?

At first I wasn't sure. I go to a few concerts, not a lot, usually Pearl Jam related... at least that's the way it seems! I wasn't so sure I even liked Kid Rock. I looked up the concert on the internet, and Lynyrd Skynyrd was playing too. It was being held at the PNC Garden State Arts Center, which is an indoor/outdoor concert, and lawn seats were available. And it's the holiday weekend, and I've been jonesing about Burning Man all week -- but that's a whole nother post. I'll try to talk about that tomorrow. But anyway, an outdoor concert seemed like the perfect thing. Frank was up for it too.

So imagine... I got to see Freebird in concert. I never imagined I would see Freebird live in concert by Lynyrd Skynyrd - especially since it was popular when I was a kid, and many of the original band members had died years ago. But it was a great show.

And Kid Rock was AMAZING. I had no idea how much I liked by him. He is almost like a split personality... he goes back and forth between some serious rap music and southern rock. I don't know how he makes it work, but it does.

And his most recent hit samples "Sweet Home Alabama" from Lynyrd Skynyrd, which was cool because from the beginning of this summer, I've been liking that song. (I mean the Kid Rock version.) I'll post that video, too. Which means it will be the first post, so if you haven't watched it you can go back.

So he went from rap, to rock, to gospel, to country, and back to rap. I won't post the rap, but I loved "Bawitaba." And he had a special guest, Rev Run, who is a rapper -- I guess the guy who played in the old Aerosmith song that was remade into a rap song. Because they did that one too.

Other interesting aspects of the concert... I have never smelled so much weed in AGES, possibly ever. I was afraid I was exposed to so much second hand smoke that I was going to be... contaminated or something. Interesting.

And then randomly, towards the end of the concert, some guy dressed in a gorilla suit walks through our row. I have no idea why.


Anonymous said...

I have seen skynrd many times. I remember being pregant during one of their outdoor concerts and having to use port-a-potties. I also saw Kid Rock. That was the last concert I saw with my Ex.
I think his girlfriend was there too. Cause he got up alot and used the bathroom and made excuses to walk around.

Sue said...

Ouch. Not good.