Friday, August 29, 2008

Long time, no see...

Sorry, I've been slacking again. I haven't been doing much blogging lately because... I'm not sure why. I haven't had much to say, but I have had a lot to do. Work is crazy lately. School starts soon. I've cleaned my house (a little bit) and done a bit of shopping... What else have I been doing?

I've been watching the Democratic National Convention. This is turning out to be some horserace, huh? Very interesting. I wish I was less cynical. Everytime any politician says anything, I have to admit, I immediately assume it's a lie.

I've been playing video games with my kids. Well, not actually with them all the time; we can't play at the same time, because it's a one player game. I mentioned it before -- Animal Crossing. It's a cute little game. We hadn't played for a while, and we restarted everything. We take turns. It's a real time waster, which I love to do.

I've been getting back into Scouts... a meeting here and there, planning, eagle stuff, whatever....

Anyway. What have you been up to?


Anonymous said...

Politics keeps getting more interesting. McCain named Sarah Palin his VP candidate. Now I'm definitely voting for him, she's hot!

Really he's out of his mind. A one term senator, ex-fisherwoman from Alaska...the state that has more reindeer than people...he's gonna croak and our president is going to be an inexperienced, dare I say, soccer-mom!

Maybe that would be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Well while Thor is commenting on the political aspects of the blog post, I feel it is my duty to comment on Animal Crossing. In my town of Star, we have gone as far as we can go. I have the biggest house and Nooks is the biggest it will be. It has 2 floors and a beauty parlor. I get a new hairdo every time I go on. My trees are apple, coconut and orange. I enjoy not going on for sometime and then bashing the roaches and pulling weeds. I also enjoy putting stars in the sky.
Go Animal Crossing. As for the

Beth said...

Speaking as a soccer mom.....I don't want the job.
I was encouraged by the fact that she has a special needs child. She is mom to five and one has Down Syndrome, but the baby is only four months old.
HE NEEDS HER HOME......just my opinion.

Sue said...

Anonymous - is that you, Bun? Is that the regular Animal Crossing or is it an upgrade? I have never seen the beauty parlor!

Sue said...

Politically speaking - Soccer moms (or Hockey moms) run things really well. And she seems like a great person. And I like the fact that she seemed to be able to be tough in Alaska and week out corruption. But she has a lot of other stands on issues that I don't agree with. And if she wanted to have a baby, she should spend time with him.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is I, Bunny, aka Amber, aka Sandi. The Animal Crossings to which I am refering to is the Nintendo DS version. Much better than the game cube version. Here other gamers can visit your town or you can go to their towns while both are playing on separate DS units. You can bring things from one town to another When people who live in one town move to your town, sometimes they reference the other town and the owner of the game. The hairdresser is cool. I have had many hair styles, and colors of hair. Plus at Nook's there is an upstairs to the store as well. There his twin sons sell items to you like furniture and bigger items. Nook is downstairs with smaller items. I got lots of money from William's town. Plus the apples and coconuts were imported from his town. I really prefer the Nintendo version. I can do it while watching tv. Can't do that with the game cube plugged in. And William coming to visit my town is fun.