Friday, October 13, 2006

Love -n- Diamonds

Love -n- Diamonds is Sandi's new blog. For all the rest of you out there, blog in and comment her -- and start a blog of your own too! Besides that, everybody get a myspace and comment me!


Anonymous said...

Wow...the blog epidemic is spreading...I'm thinking about it but right now we have a new diagnosis for Kelly on top of all the others....she is PDDNOS
which means she has autistic behaviors and is on the spectrum but not enough to be classified autistic....
yet....and still has the undiagnosed genetic syndrome,
hypotonia and global developmental delays....
got all that...weeeeee....I'd love to talk to you soon Sue...we'll keep playing phone tag.

Sandi said...

By the way...I haven't done much to it yet cause I haven't had any time to... Going to a pyschic tommorow!
Tell ya what she says later!