Friday, October 06, 2006

WARNING -- this may be a very boring blog!

I've enjoyed blogging on The Frankie Report for the last few months. It helped me process everything that was going on and definitely helped me maintain my sanity while Frankie and I were sitting in the hospital.

Now that Frankie is feeling great, and he is pretty much back to normal, I want to keep in touch with anyone that is interested in what is going on -- but I don't want it to be focused on every little detail of his life.

So I thought I would make this blog just to keep in touch with anyone who is still interested. It won't be only about Frankie, it will be about Nick too, and me and Frank and whoever else I'm hanging around with. It probably won't be our deepest darkest family secrets. I still have an editor -- my husband is much too private a person to have me posting everything about our lives.

It runs the risk of being downright boring. I'm not sure it will even work, because if it seems too boring, I won't want to write it, and if it is too much detail, my family won't let me write it. But maybe you'll want to check in once in a while, and consider it casual gossip.

Drop a comment on occasion so I know if anyone is out there!


Anonymous said...

hello my evil sister... yes there i said it this time .. ha ha ha ha! any way i will read the blog but not necessarily post often. i usuallly don't have much to say. but i do like getting updated on you and your family.... bunny
ps whats with the word verification?

Sue said...

Word verification was one of the choices when I set up the blog, last time I guess I said no but I just decided to say yes this time. It's supposed to prevent spam from all of those computer spammers.

By the way -- this is my regular blog, not the blog of my evil twin --

Sue said...

Also, comment me even if you have nothing to say!

Anonymous said...

HI Sue,,,,Ok.. you need to show me how to create a blog so I can do one for the girls....but don't tell me over the phone...I need to see how its done ....don't know if I can do it on a Mac.
I will conscientiously review your blog boring or life is not all that exciting either. I just spent four hours in the rain selling stuff at a yard sale to make money for least I made enough to cover the doctor's copay when I go there for being sick.
Love to all...Beth

Grandma Jude said...

Of course your Mom and Dad are interested in you blog. We will be checking in everyday.