Sunday, September 14, 2008

5, 7, 5

I am in the mood
For poetry... well, Haiku
Profound, but simple.

The humidity
sticky hot and heavy air
gives me a headache.

Spam haiku is cool.
Not the internet spam, but
Spam, the luncheon meat.

Spam Haiku? Click here.
You can read all about it.
Here are some samples.

Ears, snouts and innards,
A homogeneous mass--
Pass another slice.

--Christopher James Hume

Pink tender morsel,
Glistening with salty gel.
What the hell is it?

--Christopher James Hume

Cube of cold pinkness
Yellow specks of porcine fat
Give me a spork, please

--Christopher James Hume

Old man seeks doctor:
"I eat SPAM daily," he decries

--Christopher James Hume

It is time for bed.
I hate to go to sleep but
tomorrow comes quick.

Write me a Haiku.
Syllable counts are the key.
Remember? From school?


Anonymous said...

Way too much thinking

I must go to bed right now

I'm really sleepy.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I'll be Frank
Some other times I'll be Thor
Blogs mask real people

Beth said...

Very disturbing
Endless haikus about spam
Or the spam itself...

did I do it right?

Sue said...

Yes, your haiku rocks.
It can be difficult but
also addictive.

Rayne said...

I love your Haiku! And the others! Oh, just too funny.