Saturday, September 06, 2008

At the end, everyone started packing up. We figured the show was over. There is usually a curfew for these shows, right? Especially in a neighborhood park like this.
The lights were partially up, and people started packing up their gear and getting ready to run.
Then, the band came back out. "What about one more song?" And the lead singer stared pulling girls on stage.
From the back of the festival, little teenagers started running forward -- and the lead singer was quite demanding. "You. You. Not you. Ok. No drinks or cameras or I'll through your ass off the stage. You. And You. Anyone else?" More and more girls were pulled up on stage. It went on for quite some time, and it was interesting and funny and rather uncomfortable all at the same time. I felt really bad for the girls he told NO, NOT YOU!
Finally, when the stage was jam packed, he said to them all that for tonight, there name was Jenny, and that they had to DANCE -- but no stripping! (Although I forget how he worded it!) And then he launched into "Jenny - 867-5309."

At one point, he stopped the whole show, and yelled at someone for not dancing enough. "You're over 25, aren't you?" he asked the girl. "Keep dancing!"

Since it's a really popular song from the 80's, and most people know it, it was a really rousing ending. I was ready to go, though. I did what my Dad would do -- I grabbed Frank and started running while the attention was still on the stage. We got out before most of the crowd.
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