Monday, September 01, 2008

Driving in New Jersey

We went to visit the Jacksons. They've moved an hour away, which is very depressing...

I decided to blog the drive.

Driving in New Jersey is a standard Jersey Joke. The joke goes, "I'm from Joisey." "What exit?"

There are two main highways. Tons of smaller highways, but mostly it's the Parkway or the Turnpike. I won't drive north on the Turnpike if I can help it, but I'll drive south. Mostly, I prefer the parkway. This is the parkway. We were lucky that we didn't have to deal with much traffic on the way down.

The way back, on the other hand, was worse. I was the designated driver, and my glasses weren't working too well. We hit a ton of traffic coming back, stopped because of a fender bender. To be clear, I wasn't IN the fender bender. I was just trying to drive past it. I wasn't even rubbernecking. Anyway, that's another story. This is the way down to Jackson's house.

It's not a very exciting blog entry. But for anyone who's never been to Jersey, and wondered what it's like, this is what it's like.
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Beth said...

Nice commentary...I was totally absorbed in the boredom that is the Parkway....remember
drive on the parkway and
park in the driveway....
did any one play punch buggy?