Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

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Here's Thor, and today's his birthday! He's a wonderful guy, and I decided I'd blog about him on his "SPECIAL DAY" (most of which is being spent at work and in meetings and not so much fun.) (Being old is no fun.)

I met Frank when I was 17. I remember the first time we met, I was hanging out with one of his friends, Mac, and Mac wanted to go to Burger King. Frank worked at Burger King and they were having a scratch off lottery contest thing. Frank wouldn't give us extra scratch off ticket thingies. I thought that was just mean.

I met Frank on other occasions hanging out with his friend Jimmy, but Frank was dating Karen. In fact, Frank and Karen went to the Senior Prom together. They sat at the table behind us. Then, later, when we all were signing year books, Frank wrote his phone number in my girlfriend Annie's yearbook. He only wrote something short in mine.

But during the summer, I had a party at my house and he, Mac, and Ray were the last to leave. We started dating after that, and we've never been apart since. That was in 1981.

The best things about Frank are his sense of humor, his love for music (although he hasn't got any more talent than I do, we both love it) and his intelligence. We have really great conversations. (Sometimes. Sometimes we just sit on the couch and veg.) And of course the fact that he is so hot. (Wait... did I say that out loud?)

Since we've basically grown up together, we have alot of similarities, I guess, but we have way more differences. The good thing is that Frank has learned to be tolerant of my peculiarities, and my messiness, and my general dopiness.

He's a great husband. I couldn't ask for anyone better. So even though neither of us really believe in "soulmates who were destined to be together," I also don't believe that I could have found anyone else who was a better husband and father and partner.

I love you, cupcake. Have a great 45th year!


Rayne said...

What a wonderful tribute! Forward him my Happy Birthday wishes!!

pink dogwood said...

This is so sweet - wish him a very happy birthday and many more happy ones to come.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Thor!


Beth said...

You didn't mention how wonderful a husband he has been to all four of us...(long story)...he he.
Happy Birthday Cupcake...I mean Thor....I mean Frank.
you know who you are.

Anonymous said...

Rayne, Pink, Jude & Beth- Thanks so much for the BD wishes.

Sue- I love you too, your the best, but about this cupcake thing. That was my name for you before my family turned on me!

And this "putting it all out there" on a blog thing is a little wierd, but I'll take it. What egotistical guy (that's redundant) doesen't want to be showered with accolades!

I'm just happy to be here - in a parallel universe I'm a real asshole!