Friday, September 12, 2008

I got to my gate WAY EARLY.

My timing was working out perfectly. I strolled in with hours to go before my flight. I wanted to be all settled so I could take my dramamine, which makes me very groggy, and just get on the plane with no confusion.

Walking through the terminal, first I found a book shop and I bought three magazines to keep me occupied. Then I wandered through a few food places, trying to decide what appealed to me for dinner. Nothing did. But dessert sounded good, so I bought a piece of cheesecake. I figured... cheesecake has protein, doesn't it?


So I walked back to my gate, cheesecake in hand. I was prepared to sit a long time and wait. I had everything I needed. I had successfully completed all of my challenges, and I wasn't worried about anything else. The rest was a piece of cake. Jan would get me at the gate at Pittsburgh. I didn't even have to wait for luggage.
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