Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunfish Pond Hike


Frank, Nick and I spent Saturday hiking to Sunfish Pond. I would say we hiked part of the Appalachian Trail to get there, but in fact, it is such a small part of the trail it barely counts. We drove from the Delaware River Gap up this little tiny road on the Jersey Side of the Delaware, next to Worthington State Park, and hiked from there. The trail was something like the "Garvey Spring Trail," which led to a small section of the AT, which led to Sunfish pond.

It was a pretty good stretch of the legs -- Frank said it was 5 miles round trip according to his trail map. (It was like a 30 degree angle, though!) Going up hill, my heart was pounding like crazy. Going down hill, my legs were aching and shaking. We made it, though!

We didn't see any bears. We did see many toads. And several people.

Frank and I were talking about "bucket lists" the other day. We had seen that movie with Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, where both men are dying, and one happens to be rich. They make up lists of things they want to do before they kick the bucket.

The problem with a bucket list is, how realistic does it have to be? Because I would love to do some things, but they just aren't feasible. Like hiking the Appalachian Trail, from end to end. Or even to hike the whole trail in sections. That is one of the things that I would love to be able to say I accomplished. But in real life, that is not something I will ever attempt. Physically, I couldn't make it. Mentally, I would be scared to death. Even just from a perspective of time... I will never again have four months off with no job or responsibility that I could just take time from. But I have a lingering wish to say I accomplished something that dramatic.

On the other hand, getting to Sunfish Pond was also on my bucket list. It was definitely feasible, just not as grand. I had always wanted to get there. I almost didn't think I ever would.

New Years resolutions are all about things that I want to accomplish or improve on in the coming year. My bucket list should be all about things that I want to accomplish in the rest of my life. Maybe it should be called "mid life resolutions."

So anyway, I was pretty happy about getting there. My next goal? To figure out how to download all my video clips from this hike into a video. Wish me luck!
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Anonymous said...

nice pictures...only someone is missing...where was Frankie??? Poor guy working??? Or did he just not wanna go???
Aunt Bunny???

Beth said...

Good luck....
I think you should have two bucket list of anything in the world you want to do...who knows that an opportunity might not arise in the future for something unique.
and a second list for what you realistically think you can accomplish in your life...not just what you can accomplish this year otherwise it becomes a new years resolution and no one keeps those....

Sue said...

Frankie was missing. He worked 14 hours that day. He scooped 250 italian ices. When he got home, his wrist was aching. Of course, he made the insurance money for this month.

I think the two list method is a good idea. One wild one, and one attainable one. I have to sit down for an hour or two and just think about what would be on it.