Friday, February 20, 2009

My spot on the couch

This is my spot on the couch in the family room. I like to sit under the pine tree. The needles are very soft, and rather friendly. Yes, it's a pine tree, not a palm; it's a Douglas Fir, to be precise. OOPS! I mean it's a Norfolk Island Pine -- thank you Anonymous for saying something, I knew it but I wasn't thinking! I brought it home one year when I worked in the flower department at the A&P grocery store. It was a left over Christmas tree that was so incredibly Charlie Brownieish that no one wanted it, so I got it cheap. It's doing OK, but still strange looking. I love it.

This is not the prime spot on the couch, of course. The prime spot is fought over by the two Franks.

Nick tends to sit in the front room or upstairs in the toy room. He is not jockeying for position, and he likes to be in control of his own clicker.

We do all sit together to watch our new favorite show, Big Bang Theory. It is a geeky/nerdy delight, perfect for our family.

The Franks watch a lot of engineering type shows.
Although Thor does enjoy Cooking shows, as well. And they watch plenty of football and hockey and NASCAR.

I like dramas like Life on Mars and Grey's Anatomy. I hate getting sucked into the rest of TV.

Nick likes sitcoms like the Fresh Prince of BelAire -- yes, it's still on -- or Nickelodeon shows, or Spongebob. Or, video games.

I didn't know what else to post, so I thought this would be something, which might be better than nothing.

It might NOT be better than nothing.

I'm really supposed to be cleaning. I don't want to.


Niall said...

TV shows, and how people relate to them tells a lot about a person.I'm glad you like 'Life On Mars'...look out for 'Ashes To Ashes'!!

We get BBT here but i've not yet seen it..will do so now you endorse it!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that isn't a Norfolk Island Pine?

Sue said...

Niall -- I LOVE BBT... although that may be because we identify with alot of it, and you may not be as geeky as we are... I'll see if I can find Ashes to Ashes!

Anonymous -- is that you, mom???
Yes, you are correct, good catch! -- it's a Norfolk Island Pine. What was I thinking??? I'm going to go back and correct my post. How silly of me! :)

SaoirseDaily2 said...

You are a girl of my own heart! I should be cleaning, throwing 50 things away, but I don't want to.

I find the artwork I post everywhere. I am constantly search for new artists and their art. It just another way a while away my time while I sould be scrubbing something.

Hope there were leftovers...I finally finished the lasagna and it's a masterpiece.

Have a nice Sunday.