Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sandy (The song, not my sister)


I've been working on the video I'm trying to make with my pictures... it's a lot of fun, but the main thing I discovered is that I am not ready to complete it yet.

It's based on the Springsteen song, "Sandy," Which is actually named "4th of July in Asbury Park."

Before I can complete it, I need more good pictures... so it will be a work in progress until at least this summer. I have some really good pieces of it. I really enjoy putting these pictures to words and making a video.

Do you think that the songwriters and singers would mind? The song is their intellectual property, after all, I just want to illustrate it. Is that against copyright laws or something? I have to look that up. My plan isn't to make money off the final product, and I'm buying the version of the song that I'm using from legal channels. So I'm thinking it should be OK.

Just like reading Tarot cards. People do make money off fortune-telling, but my own belief is that if I profit, I won't be able to read them honestly.

I must have good Karma. All of my talents are given away free...

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Anonymous said...

Don't you know anything about marketing? You should pre-release what you have already. It's really good and you have to start building up the hype for the main release!

Why am I the only one who get's teased?

Thor (:~p))

jozien said...

Sue, beautiful!
I think, a sincere songwriter or singer, would not mind. They put out their songs to share with you!

Sue said...

Thor -- you get teased for a lot of very good reasons ;)

Jozien -- I think a lot of them also put them out for profit... I'm going to assume that they won't mind.

Beth said...

Thor....Sue is now the artist and you need to step up as the manager and take care of all the business dealings.

Sue...I expect a black tie exclusive by invitation only invite to your red carpet unveiling of the masterpiece.

SaoirseDaily2 said...

As long as you are not selling to make a profit you won't be breaking any copyright.

Good Karma is important to have.

Have a great day.

Sue said...

Beth, are you sure it will be worth the drive to stand on the red carpet, when you can watch the unveiling for free on line? But of course you are invited. But you'll need to wear a 70's outfit.

Anyway, I still definitely need a picture of the tilt-a-whirl. That's gonna take some time.

Saoirse -- you have a good day too! Happy Karma to both of us! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey.. when did you get that picture of me? You know I don't like my picture taken. LOL