Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day at Asbury Park !!!


Well, Thor and I planned on going SOMEWHERE for our anniversary, but this wasn't what we thought of. It just happened. And it was really cool!

We had DECIDED to go to Sandy Hook. But somehow, he forgot to take the parkway exit to get there, and I didn't notice either. So we ended up about 15 miles past the exit coming up on a sign that said "Asbury Park." I hadn't been to Asbury Park in about 25 years. It has a bit of a reputation for falling apart, not for being the in place to go. But WOW, were we wrong! It is very cool... maybe not the safest or liveliest place to go, but a great choice for a day taking photos!
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Laurie said...

Great pics Sue, I'm glad you had a nice day..looks really fun!

Seraphine said...

haha. i do that all the time. drive past the exit i need. i'm glad you made an adventure of it. your photo is awesome. it's beautiful architecture. you don't see new things maee like that anymore.
glad you and thor had a great valentines day. and anniversary! that sounds incredibly romantic.

Sue said...

Laurie -- Thanks! we did have a really nice time. I took about a million photos! And hey! You aren't anonymous! :)

Sera -- It was a happy mistake. Hope you had a nice valentines day too!