Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lack of Spontaneity part 2

I wrote the previous post at break, which I take the exact same time every day. I drive home, start the tea kettle, and go online to check emails and blogs while the teakettle boils. As soon as the kettle whistles, I pour my tea, and head back to work. Which is my point, of course.

Then, after my break, I work on permanent records in school. I have a certain specific amount of time and then I head back to my car and drive home for lunch, which is almost the same as break only more food and more time.

Today, coming home again for lunch, I heard a really good song on the radio. So that made me start thinking -- and I knew I had to adjust my previous post.

Music is the key factor in my life that makes it not so bad to be so unspontaneous. Because I'm doing all of these boring mundane things everyday, but I usually have the Sirius Satellite Radio on, or discs, or my Ipod. I only wish I could listen to music in work -- that would make it perfect.

Music keeps my lack of spontaneity from freaking me out. Which is why I need to change my music so often, probably. Music is my variety which spices my life.

(Rock on, Milwaukee!


GEM said...

I wish for a little bit of constistancy in my life.......
Right now I feel as though I am constantly going..........
They should start calling me "GEMMIE, the Energizer Jewel", don't they know if they continue to rub Gem the wrong way, I might turn back into Coal!

But wait then maybe I will be put in someone's stocking this year. And since no one around here uses coal to heat their home now, I will get some peace and quiet!


Sue said...

It was nice talking to you at lunch, even if it was only for a half a minute! Call me back after 3:30!