Monday, December 08, 2008

(Old photo. I don't even have time to take a new photo... sorry....)


Seraphine said...

i love christmas lights. it's fun to walk around and see the christmas decorations in our neighborhood. some people are very elaborate with their lights and scenes.
we hang a wreath on the door and i decorate the mailbox.

Sue said...

I love Christmas lights, too, but some of the people in our neighborhood have been going CRAZY with them! I think hanging a wreath on the door and decorating the mailbox sounds perfect!

The main reason we put up as many lights as we did was because the boys want a reason to climb on the roof, and that is the only real reason they can ever come up with.

One year, it snowed around Christmas, and we only had one very sparse string of Christmas lights in our magnolia tree, and a very skinny, lopsided snow man the kids built. And that was some of the best Christmas decorations we ever had outside! (The boys were VERY little).