Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Silver Tree

This is our main Christmas tree this year.

I had a little silver tree when I was a kid, and I was allowed to play with it, which was a lot of fun. When I got older, and my kids were little, there were no silver trees anywhere. I found this one in an antique store; it was from the same era as the tree I had.

About two years after that, silver trees became very popular. (Well, maybe not popular, but you could find them in the stores again.)

But I still like this one better than those.

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Niall said...

I think it's funny the things the 'Style Gurus' try to impress upon us..this year we have heard of 'Upside down trees' which you hang from your ceiling thus giving more room below..then there's black trees...and an abundance of blue lights.

I like your silver's time for family traditions isn't it?...we have so many bits on our tree that each have significance to everyone in our family..some date back to when I was a kid.

Sue said...

I think the original Silver tree back when I was a kid was something that someone decided was "mod" and Stylish. It didn't fit in with my mother's idea of a traditional tree, which is why she let me play with it. But thirty years later, it has become traditional to me! So I wonder if children with black trees this year, or upside down trees, will grow up remembering them fondly from their own childhood, and search antiques stores to find one?