Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lack of Spontaneity

Did I spell that right?

Anyway, I like my job. I really do.

The only bad thing about my job, which is probably one of the main bad things about any job, is the lack of spontaneity.

More and more, my life is revolving about the clock.

I wake up at exactly 5:30, I shower at exactly 6:15, I get to work for 7 (ish -- I'm not THAT exact!), I take my break and come home to make tea, I work on specific partsof my job at specific times of the day. It's rather predictable which makes it rather boring. But the predictability of it also makes it easier to get everything done that needs to get done, because I have certain times to do certain things, and those things take a certain amount of time.

Mind you, I'm not trying to complain. I'm not sad or depressed about it; it's just easier, which technically means it's a good thing, probably, more or less. Like I said, I like my job. I'm choosing this lack of spontaneity.

Maybe I need to schedule in some spontaneous time?

Anyway, I'm not in a very Christmasy mood. I think that Christmas is a spontaneous holiday, and I haven't started feeling it at ALL yet.

I need to get some decorations up inside my house. Maybe if I surround myself with the season, I'll start to feel it.

But decorating and cookie baking doesn't really fit in with my self-imposed schedule.


Anonymous said...

maybe shoppig at 4am or midnite might help : ) Tis the season...or should I say BAH HUMBUG ; )

Anonymous said...

Let's fly to Bora Bora tonight and have a ham sandwich.


Sue said...

Shopping at 4 AM is DEFINITELY not in my schedule. Midnight, on the other hand, would hurt the next day but is feasible. Just let me know when! (PS - you need a nickname like Bunny or Gem or Thor. Got any ideas?)

Thor - I'm up for Bora Bora, but not for ham sandwiches. And I need to be home by 5:30 AM to wake up for work.