Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Boat Chronicle, Chapter 1

I have this old photo that made me think about Nick and boats...

... he's so happy in all these pictures on his Uncle's boat. He and his cousin are close in age, and they get along very well.

Nick always wanted a boat. It was always more his thing than his brother's, Frankie likes boats now but he didn't like them much when his Crohn's was very active. I think of boating as more Nick and his Dad bonding, without Frankie being around so much.

And the fact that the boat is going to be shared between our family and James' family -- and James is probably Nick's best friend, and James' dad is his GodFather -- Nick is as happy as could be.

Today, all three of the men in my family are out learning about boating safety. It's usually ME signing people up for these kinds of things, so I was really glad that Thor took this very seriously and signed up all of them for the first available class.

Mind you, the boat hasn't even seen a puddle yet, and I'm not sure how operational it's going to be. But they are all excited, and there is no turning around now. I think I'll have plenty of boating stories to write about this summer. I just hope they can get the engine to work, and that they remember to take the camera with them when they go out!
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