Sunday, April 26, 2009

I try so hard to get pictures at night.


But it doesn't really work well. I think paintings will be better, but I haven't had time to do any lately.
I love the night on camping trips.
In the dark of the night, you see the stars so clearly
and the sky is still bright enough and blue enough
and the fire is a glow, and there are halos around the lanterns,
and the trees are black shapes standing and guarding you
and the colors of everything else fades to almost blue.
The boys run around and hide from each other and laugh,
and come back to the fire to count so their friends can hide,
and joke with you until it's time for them to run and find them.
You can walk from the field to the woods alone and without a flashlight,
and nothing is scarier than your imagination
of the ghosts of the soldiers that live in these woods.
And you can lay down in your tent in cool night air,
and listen to the boys whisper because they are supposed to go to sleep.

It's a really magic peace.
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