Sunday, April 26, 2009

We took a hike around camp.


This is the whole crew of kids.
It was a small group.
Which was actually rather nice for a change.
They all got along well
but they always do.
We rarely have problems
or arguments.
They are all like brothers
and they jump on each other
and they push each other
and they order each other around
and they tease each other
and they teach each other
and they talk to each other
and they really do care for each other
even when they are aggravating each other.
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Paul said...

I love the live updates from camp sue. Very cool, and good pics. Glad the boys had fun.

Sue said...

Thanks Paul. Was it you honking on Friday when we were loading up? The boys said it was you.

Paul said...

Hahahaha, yeah it was me. I was dropping off Jay from work, well old work anyway. We've been car pooling. And was driving down Port Reading Ave. and seen you guys. lol.