Sunday, April 19, 2009

An old picture

I was very happy that Frank had put some of my old photos onto a disc, ages ago, because I was able to recover a bunch of photos that I had thought I lost in my old computer.
Not all of the great photos I had, but at least some, so I'm grateful for that.

This picture was taken in Philadelphia, when we went on a weekend trip with the kids. I think it was an anniversary weekend. We looked at the Liberty Bell, and Independence Hall, and learned about American History, and went to an art museum. We had a very good time. As I recall, in this picture, we had stopped to have a drink in a tavern where Washington had stayed, and I think they even still served beer and things from recipes of that era. Thor would remember better than I do.

Aren't the boys cute here?

Hey, this is a "mommy blog", afterall.
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