Sunday, April 26, 2009

Is it summer or winter?


We walked around the pond
and everyone was so hot they wanted to jump in.
So it felt like summer.
But there really aren't that many leaves on the trees yet,
so it can't be summer.

One thing about these scouting trips,
is that there are a LOT of rules.
I like rules, so I'm OK with it.
But sometimes the rules are a bit too restrictive.
We couldn't jump in,
because it's a fishing pond,
and there could be hooks,
and there is no lifeguard
(I really don't swim well,
so I can't save anyone.)
But I would like to jump in too.
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1 comment:

jozien said...

Well... how about breaking some rules? :)
As you see, i had not been by your place, for a while, because i now have nice weather too.