Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow Night's BIG EVENT

Tomorrow is the Eagle Dinner Court of Honor, where Frankie and five other boys from our troop will be awarded the highest honor in scouting -- the rank of Eagle Scout. It's a big deal, bigger for me than high school graduation because way fewer people get there, and also more complicated because I won't have anything to do with running high school graduation. So I'm a little freaked.

We planted some lovely plants for centerpieces yesterday, and last week we stapled 75 books together, and today I have to pick up the last things from the store, and bake a cake for Frankie, and listen to the speech he better have finished, and make sure he gets a haircut. And clean the house because my parents are coming down and staying over.

I'll be posting photos after the big event, but I won't be writing anything new until then. Talk to ya tomorrow night!


Preeti Shenoy said...

Best wishes for the big day and Congrats to Frankie and the proud mom!

Sue said...

Thanks Preeti!

jozien said...

Congratulations to Frankie,
and indeed to you too, Sue