Sunday, April 12, 2009

Text messaging and Teens part TWO

We were on our way to my mother's house, and the boys -- 16 and 18 - were quiet in the back seat. One of them said something to the other that made me curious.

"Really? You're texting me that? You've gotta be kidding."

I was driving, so I couldn't turn around. But I had to know.

It turns out, they were texting each other. We are all sitting in the car. Together as a family. It's a good time to talk, but I don't mind a companionable silence, either. But while I thought they were just sitting there, apparently they were TEXTING. EACH OTHER.

I'm glad they communicate with each other. I'm glad they are close. I understand that they may have things that they want to discuss with each other that they don't want us old farts in the front seat -- Mom and Dad -- to know about.

"Are you having a private conversation?" I asked.

No, they told me. They were texting inane snippets of conversation -- song lyrics, jokes, random strings of consonants. Nothing too important. Maybe they weren't being truthful about that; but I think they were. I don't think anything important was being discussed.

I felt left out, but only a bit. I was enjoying the ride anyway, and like I said, I'm glad they are friends.

It just struck me as REALLY SURREAL.

Using ALL of that technology, the amazing innovation that allows us to use a small portable device to communicate with someone else, practically anywhere you go, all of the energy it took to develop the circuits and cell towers, all of the people who market and produce and run the systems. To text someone you are SITTING NEXT TO.


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pink dogwood said...

what a great idea - this is what I need to do - get my younger one cell phone so that they can text all the time and not fight the whole time we are riding in the car

Sue said...

Pink... They weren't fighting, true :D