Friday, August 14, 2009

Deep Thoughts

I've been thinking a lot of DEEP THOUGHTS lately :D which is a good thing, and actually, a lot of fun...

It all started with This Wonder-Ful Life which is Vincent's blog. He's been writing a lot of things that I think are true, and it turns out, I'm probably a Buddhist. Who knew?

Like... Buddhism is really a philosophy as much as anything else. And one thing about Buddhism that I like is that you shouldn't accept things just on faith, you should consider what you are being asked to believe, and decide if it makes sense or not.

I know a lot of people don't understand Buddhism, and this whole idea might freak some people out. But go take a look at the entries to Vincent's blog; it's pretty cool!


Netizen101 said...

Hi Sue,

I have to clarify that except for a footnote or two, all my posts on Buddhism are actually from Buddhist magazines or Buddhist text/books which I have read. :-)

Sue said...

Oh, I didn't realize, but that's fine... I'm looking forward to reading more! :D