Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Last Week of Summer


Well, this is it. This is the last real week of summer. Next Sunday will be the Sunday when school is starting again. Of course, since I work in a school, and I work all summer, you'd think that I wouldn't notice the difference. But there is a huge difference.

When school starts again, I have to wake up an hour earlier to go in to work, which is physically painful for me, being a night owl. Which means I need to go to bed earlier -- which is also a problem. I hate going to bed earlier. Plus, I have to start dressing more like I work in an office, and less "summer casual." (Which really isn't going to make THAT much of a difference in the way I look, it's just going to take more time. I feel like I need to at least pretend to style my hair and put on makeup.)

School starting again means that our nice peaceful office will become busy again, with parents interrupting every few minutes to drop off a lunch, talk to a guidance counselor, drop off money, pick up a cell phone, drop off gym clothes, drop off homework. And students coming in who've forgotten the combination to their lockers, because they never lock them -- but now someone else has spun the dial on the lock. And other students who need to fill out a report that things have been stolen from their lockers. Because they never lock them. I really don't mind the interruptions exactly, but I have to get up and walk to the front of the office everytime I am helping someone, because I can't hear well enough from my desk. So I'm up and down a lot. And sometimes it feels like I can't get anything done because of it.

The first day of school means it's time to start harassing Nick again... WAKE UP! Did you brush your teeth? Did you shower last night, or will you shower this morning? Don't you think you should eat something? Are you ready to go? Do you have homework? What are you doing after school? Shouldn't you be studying? Are you seriously watching Spongebob again?

And the first day of school this year means that Frank will be moving to college for the first time, which is going to be strange.

So this is the last week before all that happens. And I want to enjoy my week, I really do. I want to sit in the sun, and have a campfire, and leisurely read a good book on the patio with my feet in my babypool and a glass of iced tea by my side. And I want to sit around and chat with the kids. And plan a camping trip, maybe go hiking over the weekend... But there is quite a bit that has to get done this week. And the weather hasn't been cooperating lately, anyway -- and the mosquitoes are VICIOUS out there...

Smell ye roses while ye may. Wasn't that a line from a poem? Gram used to say something like that. So this week, I'm gonna try to make a point to smell me roses.
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Anonymous said...

Ahh retirement is nice. I am sitting here trying to decide what I feel like doing today. Enjoy the week.

Sue said...

Hey Mom,
You're a brat.
Just sayin'.


Beth said...

A little negative....try to find some positives to the next chapter in your life....
1...fall is coming...I love the fall
2. Frankie is really becoming an independent young man...good for him.
3... (you fill in here)

Sue said...

Hey Beth!
Actually, I was trying to be positive :P I guess it wasn't working that well, huh?

I usually do love the fall, but it feels like winter is on it's way.

Judy said...

Summer was just too short. We didn't have enough hot weather to get tired of it.