Sunday, August 16, 2009

My head hurts.

I'm working on paperwork. That is the part of the house that I've assigned myself this weekend. I'm cleaning out the piles of paperwork that I never seem to get through.

I did a pretty good job yesterday, although you might not know it if you looked at it. Because a lot of it had just been thrown in a drawer anyway, but is now filed into a nice neat little accordion file. So it's more organized, but nothing looks too much better.

I'm also going through the check book. It's similarly messy, as my math skills are lacking, and I write things in, and then cross them out, and fix numbers, and get rather confused. Numbers keep shifting and nothing is balancing. Luckily, it's not balancing in my favor -- the bank says I have more money than I think I should have. And I looked all the way back to this time last year, and the numbers weren't balancing then either -- and I had finally just given up, noted that everything was way off, and continued on from there. If I can make the numbers be off by the same amount, then I can safely assume that this is now my money that's inexplicably in my account, and write checks on it. But, sad to say, the amount I'm off by has changed. So I still can't trust it. But I'm not done yet...

I'll let you know how it goes...

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