Sunday, August 09, 2009

Julie and Julia: or, I blog for no reason.

Thor and I went to the movies tonight, to see Julie and Julia. I love to go to the movies... I don't know why we don't go more often! Well, actually I do know. It's because it cost $25. $10 each to get in and $5 for the candy. I love candy. I never get popcorn.

So that's probably why I don't get to the movies more often. Too much money. But I do intend to go back soon, when the Time Traveler's Wife comes out. I've gotta see that one, I loved the book.

But anyway, back to the Julie and Julia movie.

(Spoiler alert: Hey, if you can't figure out how this movie goes just by looking at the commercials, you probably don't want to read this. I don't give away some big ending, but... go see it. Make your own opinions.)

As you can probably imagine,I went because of the blogging, and dragged Thor because of the cooking. It was a pretty good movie. Thor said he liked it too. By "liking" it, I don't get the feeling he LOVED it, but he enjoyed it well enough... I'm glad I went to see it. I did really like it. But it did make me feel a little... uncomfortable....

The movie held up a mirror to me and my blogging, and I fell way short. For one thing, the Julie in the movie is really cute and young, and she's having a bit of stress because she's turning 30 and she hasn't accomplished anything "big".

I've turned 40, many years ago, and I haven't accomplished much of anything. And I'm not even young and skinny and cute anymore. :p

So she decides to blog, to give her life a sense of purpose, and to accomplish something.

Me too. I guess. I'm still not even really sure WHY I blog.

She has a purpose. Her blog is to record her cooking every one of Julia Child's recipes in one year.

I don't have much of a purpose. Back to that whole "why" I blog thing that I haven't figured out.

She blogs, but she also cooks, so even though her husband gets cranky about her blogging, he also gets to eat some amazing stuff. Thor, on the other hand, doesn't have that benefit. He just has to deal with the aggravation of me blogging with no fancy french cooking to make up for it.

Her blog becomes extremely popular, with tons of readers, attracts national attention, and she lives happily ever after.

I continue to blog in relative obscurity. Although I still intend to live happily ever after.

I guess the big issue here is "purpose" to my blogging. And I don't think my purpose is actually to attract an audience, or to accomplish anything big, or to get national attention. I guess my real purpose is to just write. Like a diary, except I know I do have SOME readers.

Maybe I should find a goal?

Probably not.

But it was a very nice movie. It didn't make me want to cook. I did come straight home and blog.


Anonymous said...

Your original blog about Frankie had a purpose and was a great tool for keeping everyone updated. My opinion is that you enjoyed it so started this one. Enjoyment is purpose enough.

Sue said...

Mom! You are so right! :D

Beth said...

Hey Mrs. "D" read my mind. I was going to comment the exact same thing.